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Dear users, Mr. LIGAN had an exceptional career. In fact, after receiving his Baccalaureate with Honours B, he obtained the following year, a Bachelor Professional Series F2 (Electronics) always mention.
The same year, he became part of the École Polytechnique D'Abomey-Calavie, which showed five (05) years later, a wealthy Design Engineering Diploma in Telecommunications with the same mention. Better, the year before his release from the University of Abomey Calavie, he obtained the Diploma of Higher Technician Certificate in electronics, with honors, when he was followed any course BTS.
At the end of his studies, he offered his services to many companies in Benin, and currently teaches at the University. Also, it is at the origin of the creation of the NGO Eco-plus Benin (unhappy childhood, SME promotion, ....) on the one hand, and the NGO Silent Scream (fight against abortions: abortion, ...) secondly, and ensures the day today as President of the NGO Silensieux Cri ...

Mr. LIGAN is a Courageous' man , Simple, Honest, Hardworking, and very religious ... In short, a real manager. He is currently the Manager of the Company TECHNO INTERNATIONAL, and we are very honored. For all those who are known know that stops at nothing. Water is the tree that is the motivation for humans is why motivation and research results are present in almost all his actions ... It is a manager that takes full account of the observations and conditions work of others.

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